Marketplace Consultancy

We understand marketplaces such as Amazon like no other. So we help with making strategic choices, your logistical challenges and brand presentation. But we also provide operational help. More hands to do the job. Flexible and professional.

Choice between Vendor & Seller

Selling on Amazon can be done through two different accounts; Vendor and Seller. With a vendor account, you have a B2B relationship with Amazon and supply your products to Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon then handles the fulfillment and sets the consumer price. With a Seller account, you use Amazon’s platform and determine your own price and promotions. In doing so, you have your own relationship with the customer and you are responsible for the fulfillment and billing yourself. A Vendor account is by Invite-only and is focused on brands. In doing so, commercial arrangements must be made with Amazon. We know the benchmarks in the market and how to get good deals from Amazon.

Account Setup

Every account on Amazon needs to be set up and managed by the seller. We know exactly how to do this, what the guidelines of Amazon are and what you can use to grow successfully. We work closely with the Marketing and ICT department in setting up the account and we also train our staff so that they can eventually take over the management.

Based on analyses of Amazon’s data, we can advise you which products from your range are interesting to sell on Amazon.


Amazon has very specific guidelines for taking full advantage of the huge range of customers on their platform. We know exactly what is important for this and will ensure that your content is optimized in order to be found on Amazon’s search engines. In addition, with the right keyword analysis, we can ensure that you are found on the most relevant search terms. We often work closely with the marketing department or an advertising agency when creating content.

API & EDI connections

Data and content can be a big challenge, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of products in your portfolio. We know the ways in which you can automate with Amazon via EDI and/or API (depending on the type of account) and which tools may be right for you. In practice, we often do these kinds of projects together with the ICT department or administrator.

Brand Protection

Within Amazon, there is the option to register your brand. The advantage of this is that you have the ability to create Brand Pages and expand your content with company information. In addition, you also have a means in trade to keep out sellers who are counterfeiting your products or with whom you have no sales relationship. We help with both setting up and monitoring the Brand Registry.


On Amazon there are several possibilities to get both your brand and your products under the attention of (potential) customers. Unfortunately, the advertising system of Amazon is not the same as Facebook or Google, which requires specific knowledge. We have the knowledge to support you in setting up the campaigns, but we can also manage them for you.

Logistics & fulfillment

Depending on the account you have, you can ship to consumers yourself, have your fulfillment handled by Amazon (Fulfillment By Amazon) or deliver directly to Amazon’s warehouses. All methods have different conditions attached to them and often have a huge impact on your existing processes. In addition, Amazon uses strict quality requirements and fines directly when deviating from the processes. We have a lot of experience with these processes and can support you (on a project basis) with a proper implementation so that you can avoid penalties.

Selling on Amazon is not always easy, the systems are rigid and the quality requirements are very high. However, we are great at helping you with insights and numbers that will make the rollout of sales on marketplaces like Amazon as smooth as possible.

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